What to do After You Get Your Exam Results UCAS Clearing
But what if you have got better grades than you expected?

Your firm place will remain safe until you decide to accept a better offer. If you don't get your application in on time, you will still need to complete a UCAS form.

But what if you have got better grades than you expected?

If a professor knows you by name and remembers you favorably, you can expect an excellent letter of recommendation. Includes Modified Supplemental Instruction and tutoring. It is important to rest your brain and let it digest all the information you process in college. It’s possible for students with test anxiety to get themselves so worked up that they can’t think clearly. The brain is like a computer in that it contains a great deal of information.

What to Do if Your Midterm Grade is Lower Than Expected

Better still, revise everything you learn as you go along, so that you learn it properly first time round and have less need for revision. Also, be sure to read our articles on effective revision techniques for science students and humanities students. Another common reason for academic underperformance is that the student’s essay-writing skills aren’t sufficient for the level required to achieve top grades. This is fairly easily fixed by improving your essay-writing technique. Good essay technique covers all aspects of essay-writing, from the research phase to the final proofread, and even how you respond to the feedback you get for your essays. If you’ve done better than expected, and your grades exceed your firm choice, you can register for Ucas adjustment – which enables you to trade up universities or courses.

  • A few years later and with real-world experience, I started reading for a master's in Software Engineering at Oxford.
  • At the end of each section, see if you can answer it.
  • Right before you go to sleep, go over any information that you want to remember.
  • Don't go negative.Even if you didn't flourish academically in college, there's room to spin your response into something positive.

After you’ve received your results, there are a number of reasons why your place might not be confirmed yet. The Charlie Waller Memorial Trusthas advice and tips to for managing anxiety and stress during Clearing. If you didn't get a place from a firm or insurance offer, But what if you have got better grades than you expected? you could try our Clearing service to find another course. Go to the ‘Your choices’ section of your application and click 'Add Clearing choice.’ Then enter the details of the course. If you haven't already applied, you first need to register and make an application.

Address the importance of grades early

Before we get into the specifics of Clearing and Adjustment, it's worth taking a look at the university application process in the United Kingdom. Applications and admissions are overseen by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, or UCAS.

Get on the job ladder early with savvy tips for work-hungry students... - The US Sun

Get on the job ladder early with savvy tips for work-hungry students....

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Start with what you know you'll be able to achieve and add along the way if feasible! Don’t set yourself up for failure by telling yourself you can do a four-hour job in two hours. These time periods are usually determined in advance and other activities may be scheduled around them. Then schedule essential activities like sleeping and eating. Be realistic about the time you need for these essential functions. Before you start solving a problem, try to estimate what the answer will be. As soon as you get your test, write down formulas, equations, etc., that you might need to remember or use.

Requesting a review or appeal?

Try to wake up and go to bed at the same times and get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. If you’re academically underperforming, another possible reason could be that you haven’t found the right learning style for you. We’re all different, and each of us has our own way of studying that yields the best results. Perhaps you just haven’t found your most effective studying style yet. If you’ve been trying to work on your own, for example, you might find it easier to work with a friend or two, so that you have someone else there to motivate you. Staying full while you study also prevents you from getting distracted by your hunger.

Start outlining from Day 1 of your second semester of law school. You do not want to have to play catch-up toward the end of your semester or during your https://accounting-services.net/ study period – that causes an enormous amount of unnecessary stress. Instead, organize the information that you learn into an outline each week.


Maybe you need private tutoring to help you get a grasp on the fundamental legal concepts (feel free to contact us and check out our private tutoringif that’s the case). If you think tutoring might benefit you, we recommend you contact us sooner rather than later.

  • If they’re learning remotely, make sure they have all the tools they need and understand how to use them.
  • Discuss this each year with your child and be aware of how they’re doing before you receive a report card.
  • Check out our expert guide on which classes you should take in high school.
  • If there’s anything you need to remember to do, write yourself a note so you won’t forget.
  • Chances are you’ll know the answers when you come back to them.